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WALFA’s mission is to drive the promotion, value and advancement of the grain fed cattle industry in WA.

A WALFA membership enables you direct and relevant access to national and international industry experts and interaction with a dynamic group of like-minded individuals.


Todd Fotheringhame

Todd Fotheringhame, President

Todd grew up on his family farm in Karlgarin, which he returned to after five years at boarding school and two years studying a Diploma of Fine Arts. Todd went through the process for building a greatly improved facility in 2009. Todd also recently completed the Australian Rural Leadership program. E:

Lucy Morris

Lucy Morris, Vice President

Lucy Morris is the Senior Operations Manager at TW Pearson and Son, and helps to oversee the logistics, forecasting and general operations for their 2 NFAS accredited feedlot facilities and wider beef and agricultural business. Growing up in Northern WA, she worked across the Kimberley’s and Northern Territory on cattle stations and in live export, before transitioning her career into beef production and operations. Lucy is a Director of Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA) and also sits on the WAFarmers Livestock Council. E: 

Matt Camarri

Matt Camarri, Treasurer

Matt is a third generation beef farmer from Cundinup, Nannup. He started in the feedlot industry in 1998 after graduating from the Muresk Institute of Agriculture with a Bachelor of Agribusiness. Matt is also a producer member of the WA Livestock Research Council (WALRC). E:

Ivan Rogers

Ivan Rogers

Ivan has been involved in Agribusiness since 1989. Ivan is the Managing Director of RA Rogers & Co, a diversified Agribusiness based in Tammin from where he operates Kylagh Feedlot, Kylagh Farms as well as a cattle trading and breeding enterprise. Ivan is a past Chair of WA Lot Feeders Association, past board member of ALFA and past Chair of WA Beef Council and takes great enjoyment in participating in organisations that promote industry growth. E:

Rob Lawrence

Rob Lawrence

Rob has spent the last 20 years working as a nutrition consultant with Integrated Animal Production where he has established more than 100 clients in 3 states. Before this, Rob spent 5 years specialising in feed operations at Whyalla Feedlot in Texas, Qld, and 2 years specialising in feed formulation with Ridley Agriproducts in Toowoomba, QLD. Rob has a Bachelor of Rural Science UNE, Masters of Rural Science UNE, Certificate in Meat Science UNE, and a PhD UQ. E:

Johnnie Dichiera

Johnnie Dichiera is the Group GM at Central Agri Group – a national agribusiness predominantly focused on meat processing, albeit who also own and operate NFAS accredited feedlots, backgrounding facilities, live export depots and farming operations in Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Johnnie has worked in the agricultural industry for over 15 years, and is extremely passionate about lot feeding, the live export trade, international supply chains and brand development. He enjoys working closely with all stakeholders and relevant organisations  for the betterment of the industry. E: 

Trevor Hinck

Trevor Hinck

Trevor has operated his feedlot, Kerrigan Beef, in Hyden since 2000. Kerrigan Beef Feedlot has been through the expansion process and currently has a capacity of 3000 head. Trevor has experience in creating a brand, which he did for his own business when he created Kerrigan Valley, and with the installation of shade in a cattle feedlot which he completed in his own feedlot in 2018. E:

Enoch Bergman

Enoch Bergman

Enoch is a practicing beef cattle veterinarian residing in Esperance, WA, where he is co-owner of Swan Veterinary Services. Enoch focuses almost entirely on servicing and providing advice to the Australian beef industry. He works with cow calf producers, stockers, and lot feeders throughout the state. He is a past president of the Australian Cattle Vets, a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association and represents Western Australia on the ALFA Vets and Nutritionist panel. E: 

Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher

Ben has worked in the Animal Health industry for the last 14 years as a sales representative covering the lower Great Southern and the far South East (including Southern Pastoral). Ben has worked with Zoetis Animal Health (Senior Sales) for the past 13 years, covering all aspects of cattle production from grass fed to feedlot and dairy. E:


The key objectives of the WA Lot Feeders Association are:

  • Members have sustainable and profitable lot feeding businesses;
  • WALFA events are relevant, accessible and add value to member operations;
  • We have positive stakeholder relationships; and
  • The Board and staff work together to lead and govern a strong association.

For more information on the role of WALFA, please view the WALFA Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

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