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A WALFA membership is a valued addition to any feedlot operation. Key benefits of a WALFA membership include:

  • Access to integral figures within the WA lot feeding industry – experienced lot feeders as well as other professional associate members of the Board.
  • Opportunity to have your say on a number of strategic matters. One example of this is the extension of feedlot licenses (from annual to 10-year licences) through negotiations with the state environmental regulator.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals at our events.
  • Receive regular emails on matters that may impact your business, including information shared from ALFA, MLA, DPIRD, GGA and more.
  • Supporting young lot feeders – WALFA has a focus on forming partnerships with local tertiary facilities and supporting individuals to improve leadership and skills sets.
  • Ability to nominate for election to the WALFA Board and the right to vote at the WALFA AGM.
  • Associate members get first option on sponsorship opportunities at events and more.


You can become a member of WALFA for an annual membership fee of $250 (plus GST) for feedlot producers and $150 (plus GST) for associate members.

To become a WALFA member, fill out and return the WALFA Membership Form. We will contact you once we have received the form.